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Champagne powder, steep slopes, runs through thick woods… In winter sports paradise USA, everyone gets their money's worth. Whether on one board or two, beginner or expert – pure winter fun is guaranteed on this ski holiday. In the snow-sure regions of the USA some magnificent ski areas have been created. From the mundane celebrity hotspot to a rustic-romantic mountain village, there is surely something for everyone here.

The USA offers countless opportunities to take part in winter sports. In nearly every valley in the Rocky Mountains, particularly in Colorado and Utha, but additioanlly also in Nevada, and California, there is one – or several – ski areas.

The Champagne Powder of the Rocky Mountains is world famous. Due to the dry air, the snow is especially powdery and allows even beginners to take advantage of perfect deep snow runs. The particular climate of the Rocky Mountains makes it possible for the vegetation to survive even in high locations. The tree line reaches 3,750 m here. The largest ski area in the Rocky Mountains stretches over numerous peaks, and possesses up to 100 lifts and 4,000 ski runs, including famous regions such as Vail, Summit Area, Aspen Snowmass, Lake Tahoe, etc. Next to the partly challenging slopes, most of the ski areas also offer bowls. Here there are unprepared ski routes.

Many American ski areas are regular hosts to World Cup races and Alpine World Championships. In ski areas such as Vail/Beaver Creek and Aspen Snowmass, the jet set is also on the go. Here it's possible to sit next to George Clooney or Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lift. Service is a top priority in American ski areas. There is hardly any waiting at the lifts, service personnel in the ski areas provide skiers with water and sun lotion, and you will also receive a wool blanket for the chair lifts on cold days.

"The land of unlimited possibilities" - that is what the USA is known for. It would take hours to list all available attractions so here are some tips you don't want to miss.

Bigger, brighter, louder - these adjectives probably offer the best description of Las Vegas. The huge casino hotels along the city's famous strip vie for the attention of the tourists who are walking by. The "Venetian", for instance, scores with its copy of the Venetian channels and the "Luxor" attracts with its 30 m high pyramid. Famous shows, such as the Cirque du Soleil or the magician David Copperfield are big attractions. Only one thing will be searched for in vain: quiet. San Francisco, on the other hand, is popular for its picture perfect sights: from the Alamo Square you have magnificent views of Victorian style houses, Lombard Street, which snakes up the mountain in tight bends, and the famous Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Recreational Area, which covers an area of 300 km², comprises dunes, beaches, forests, as well as the prison island Alcatraz and is known as the biggest urban park landscape worldwide. A further must-do for tourists: take a ride in the Cable Car. And last but definitely not least: the city of the stars, Los Angeles. This is where tourists can drive through Hollywood, walk the Walk of Fame with its 2,300 stars, and explore the world of film in the Universal Studios.

Unforgettable scenery is offered at the Grand Canyon. The Colorado River has carved this 450 m long and 1.6 km deep canyon into the Colorado plateau. It offers a spectacular view, which can be enjoyed especially from the look-out points at the Southern edge. Those brave enough, can take a walk over the Skywalk, the 22 m long balcony made from glass. A moon landscape can be explored at the Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho. Lava streams have left behind a huge area with rough rocks and little vegetation in the centre of the Snake River. But not only nature has created famous attractions in the USA. The American sculptor Gutzon Borglum was the one to chisel the 4 presidents' heads into Mount Rushmore. The sculptures are 18 m tall and immortalize George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

Furthermore, a visit to the various national parks is definitely recommendable. The Yellowstone National Park is the oldest one in the USA and an impressing amount of approx. 250 geysers are distributed over its surface. The Yosemite National Park is famous for its granite cliffs. "El Capitan", for instance, is one of the biggest monoliths of the world with a height of 2,307 m.