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The Czech Republic not only offers "the Golden City of Prague" to travel fans, but also has many more fascinating destinations - for instance a wide variety of wonderful ski areas! Many lower mountain ranges like the Bohemian Forest, the Ore Mountains or the Giant Mountains promise exiting winter adventures. In the home of the "Rübezahl", the Giant Mountains (Czech Krkonoše) in the north, there are many possibilities for snow sports fans. Besides the well prepared pistes and cross-country ski tracks, the highly equipped ski centres also offer toboggan runs and lovely winter hiking routes.

A ski holiday in the Czech Republic is no longer a secret tip. Short queues at the lifts and the hospitable locals have made the Czech Republic become increasingly popular with winter sports fans. The ski areas offer modern facilities and well prepared pistes for all degrees of difficulty. Possibilities for ski holidays can be found in the Czech ski regions Eagle Mountains, Izera Mountains, Ore Mountains, Bohemian Forest and Giant Mountains.

The major ski region is in the Giant Mountains and offers a variety of pistes and cross-country ski tracks. An international audience can be found here. 60 km of pistes provide a very enjoyable skiing adventure! The most popular ski areas are to be found in Harrachov, Špindlerův Mlýn (Spindler's Mill) and Pec pod Snezkou, with the highest peak, the Sněžka (Snow Top). The heart of the Czech winter sports resorts is Špindlerův Mlýn (Spindler's Mill). The largest and most popular resort consists of around 17 km of mainly easy pistes. The most well-known winter sports resort in the Czech Republic is Harrachov. 7.4 km of pistes are waiting to be explored at altitudes from 670 - 1,020 m. Special attention has been drawn to Harrachov due to it's ski jumps and the regularly occurring ski-flying at the Čerťák hill.

The Czech Republic attracts many visitors due to its magnificent towns and impressing buildings from past times. The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, is in the leading position as a tourist magnet. Here you can visit many sites, such as the Prague Castle, which is a monumental complex, consisting of churches, fortifications, residential, as well as office buildings, which are all surrounded by numerous gardens. Or maybe take a stroll through the historic centre with its characteristic winding alleys and admire the many buildings, which were built in all imaginable styles. Furthermore, you can explore the Jewish district Josefov or the artists' district "Golden Lane", in which Franz Kafka once resided. The house he was born in, is located at the Old Town Square, the 9,000 m² big market place of the historic centre. Another attraction is the Charles Bridge, one of the oldest stone bridges in Europe.

There are many other towns which are inspiring in their own right, offering marvellous historic centres, as well as interesting buildings. Telč, for example, has a wonderful historic market place, which is surrounded by magnificent fish ponds, and is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Litomyšl scores with its Renaissance Castle, one of the oldest palace theatres in Europe, and also as the home town of the famous composer Bedřich Smetana. Numerous sacral buildings, a picturesque historic centre, and a Bone Church, made from approx. 40,000 bones, can be admired in Kutná Hora. In the Bohemian Forest, Český Krumlov is definitely worth a visit. It is the so called "pearl of the Bohemian Forest" due to its magnificent town hall in Renaissance style, a castle, and the castle garden in Baroque style. Those interested in music, might like to make a detour to Olomouc, where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed his Symphony No. 6 in the Hauenschild palace.

There are many impressing castles and palaces in the Czech Republic. Some examples are the Častolovice palace at the foot of the Orlické Mountains, the royal manor in Křivoklát, which is one of the oldest castles of the Bohemian dukes and kings, the Baroque castle in Mikulov, the French style castle in Náměšť na Hané, the Hazmburk castle located in the Bohemian low mountain range, and last but not least, the Karlštejn castle, which was built as a royal treasure chamber by Charles IV. Even today, copies of the Bohemian crown jewels and the crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire are displayed in the castle.

A more relaxing atmosphere can be found in the spa resorts of the country. Teplice is the oldest therapeutic bath in Bohemia and also counts as one of the oldest in all of Europe. Additionally, Karlovy Vary, is one of the most important therapeutic baths, as well as the biggest in the country.

Another tip for beer enthusiasts: In the historic centre of Plzeň you can go on a sightseeing tour of one of the most famous breweries in the world. Pilsner Urquell is being brewed here since 1842.