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Switzerland offers breathtaking alpine beauty. Traditional top ski resorts such as Davos, St. Moritz or Zermatt alternate with family-friendly and idyllic winter sports resorts. Together with the 4 Vallées or Les Portes du Soleil you can also find high-end interconnected ski areas that link several top ski regions - sometimes even crossing borders! The Swiss lodges are well known for their rustic, cosy atmosphere as well as for the hearty chesse fondue.

Switzerland is well known for excellent ski areas with rich histories. Holidaymakers will find solitary huts, car-free ski resorts, and luxurious flair.

Switzerland has 74 mountains towering above 4,000 m. Twelve such mountains are located in the Wallis Alps, among them the world famous Matterhorn (4,478 m), with its glamorous ski village Zermatt. Nearly as well known is the triumvirate of Eiger (3,970 m), Mönch (4,107 m), and Jungfrau (4,158 m) in the Bernese Oberland. Every year the famous Lauberhorn world cup ski race takes place here in Wengen. You can get to the Jungfrauen Joch (3,454 m), the highest train station of Europe, by cog railroad from Grindelwald.

The ski region Les Portes du Soleil, located south of Lake Geneva, guarantees borderless skiing enjoyment (union of 12 French and Swiss districts), and is the largest ski region in the world with 650 kilometres of piste and 211 lifts, along with "Les Trois Vallées" in France.

In 1956, Switzerland achieved honours at the Winter Olympics in St. Moritz. The famous destination offers glamorous flair, as well as an excellent ski area.

There are many things that Switzerland is popular for: great cheese, delicious chocolate, the story of Heidi, and also its various mountain peaks. These topics offer a lot of variety for your trip to Switzerland. You can, for example, witness how some famous types of cheese are produced in the show case cheese factories in Affoltern in the Emmental and in Gruyère. The Maison Callier in Broc, on the other hand, is specialised in sweets. Here you can watch each single phase of chocolate production and furthermore there are workshop where your can create your own chocolate.

In Maienfeld you can follow in the tracks of Heidi, the main character of the famous children's book. In the Heididorf (village) the story of the little girl becomes alive and you can visit the original locations, the Heidihouse and the Heidi Alp, where the author Johanna Spyri got the inspiration for her novels.

Heidi's world are the mountains. Should you feel the same way, there are many possibilities of exploring the Swiss mountains, even away from the piste. Of course the Matterhorn in Zermatt is a must-see for many tourists, as it is the landmark of the country. An especially great view, however, can be enjoyed from the Säntis, whose 2,502 m high peak is not as high as the peak of the Matterhorn (4,487 m), but it still offers a spectacular panorama, because you can overlook 6 countries: Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, France, and Italy. Furthermore, a gondola in the ski area Engelberg-Titlis provides a great view all around, because the gondola of the "Titlis-Rotair" lift makes a 360° turn during the ride. Exactly like the highest turning restaurant in the world, the "Threes!xty". It is located at an altitude of 3,500 m in the ski area of Saas-Fee - in the near of the largest ice pavilion of the world in Mittelallanin. Additionally, extraordinary "mountains" can be found in Enseigne in the Wallis. These earth pyramids are up to 15 m high and can be traced back to the Ice Age, approx. 80.000 years ago.

Those who are fascinated by water, can find not only the spring of the Rhine, the Tomasee in Graubünden, but also the largest waterfalls in Europe, the Rhine Falls in the near of Schaffhausen.

Last but not least, Switzerland also has a variety of museums on offer: from the Swiss Museum of Transport in Luzern to the Swiss National Museum in Zurich, which has the biggest cultural-historical collection, including the "Swiss miniature" in a scale of 1:25. In Melide there are more than 120 hand-made models of the most popular buildings, monuments, and means of transportation.